We do what we can to go on. To preserve our sanity by any means possible. Some choose words, even when words don’t seem enough…. I look around and see happy smiles And wonder how I lost mine I look into the mirror and see a ghost This wasn’t me, dishevelled and crying   I … More Wordless

The Power of Words

And yet another match concludes. It got me thinking that even though the word ‘match’ indicates a competition, it does have another meaning – which is ‘to harmonize with’, or ‘parallel’. Now this isn’t an English issue that am raking up before am corrected on verbs and what not but it struck me on hearing … More The Power of Words

5 Reasons To Pick Offbeat Getaways For Your Travel Wishlist In 2016

We all feel the need to get away from the bustle of our everyday lives to re-connect with ourselves. Here’s why offbeat getaways are such a fantastic idea!  The New Year arrives and the excitement for me has little to do with parties and sending a 100 texts wishing everyone. Rather, it’s fueled by my … More 5 Reasons To Pick Offbeat Getaways For Your Travel Wishlist In 2016

Men & Marriage

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a pattern regarding conversations with my male friends on the overly articulated subject of ‘marriage’. With most approaching an age where it is either the family wanting them to get married or their own desire to enter the said institution – it is certainly on the priority … More Men & Marriage