A Style Of My Own


This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart.

For me, the mention of the word style is automatically associated with my sister. As much as she stays updated with the latest trends and designs, she has her own inherent style, her own comfort zone. And isn’t that what style is all about – one’s uniqueness and comfort!

My style comes from my mother – those freshly pressed outfits and colorful frocks while growing up, the simple t-shirts, pretty bellies and sturdy sneakers. I felt smart every time I stepped out in my casual clothes. And then came adolescence where style ended up being a game changer – though not as profound as I see teenagers today. Sometimes when I look back at old school or college photos, I cringe! Fashion faux pas made over the years, some so disastrous that I wonder what on earth was I thinking when I bought that? Oh well.

I love clothes. Maybe not with as much ardor to follow fashion blogs religiously or stock up on Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, but I enjoy clothes. I admit I am nowhere even close to being a shopaholic. I probably step out once in 6 months and end up buying quite a decent amount but in no way go crazy every time I enter a store. Over the years I have developed my own sense of style and that’s what I would mention here, for all those who might associate with the same –

  1. Ditch those heels – Go in for a smart pair of shoes that look and feel great. I don’t mean sturdy clogs but a pair that looks trendy while being comfortable. The joy of dashing across the mall or a restaurant or club without praying to ourselves that we don’t fall flat on our face. Sometimes all we need is that pair which brightens up the entire outfit. So ditch the daily heels and instead pull them out on those few occasions when the sexy stilettos and sexy you deserve a night out on the town.
  2. Dressing for one’s body type – No two women have the exact same frame. So to yearn for what we aren’t instead of embracing all that we have is a giant waste of energy. How many times have we looked at an outfit on the rack imagining that on us? Well if it enhances our beauty then that’s exactly what we should get rather than trying to fit ourselves into clothes that are clearly not us. Style comes from working an outfit to our advantage not the other way around.
  3. Consulting friends but to a point – Women love to ‘discuss’, about anything. A discussion on clothes can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and same goes for the shopping spree. Shopping with friends turns this ‘task’ into a social event. It provides the chance of company, conversation and a trustworthy pal who stands outside the trial room door, giving her verdict on each piece we try. As much as this is enjoyable, we must remember that the one opinion that truly counts is ours alone. Suggestions are great but at the end of the day we need to feel good about looking at our reflection in the mirror.
  4. Accessorize – There are days when I don’t like my wardrobe at all. Not one bit. And these are the days when inspiration strikes thanks to accessories. A colorful scarf, a statement neckpiece, a funky hair band or a trendy handbag – all achieve the needful. I’ve given in to ear cuffs recently and absolutely adore them. It helps to save time in deciding which earrings to put on and is a nice change from the studs or danglers I usually wear.
  5. Spoilt for choice – College days were all about thrift shopping. Buying the maximum number of outfits with minimal financial investment. But as one gradually develops their own style it is better to be more selective while shopping – whether at stores or online. It’s wiser to spend a little more and buy pieces that would last longer and can be frequently used – mix and match!

My wardrobe essentials –

  • Dark blue jeans – They enhance any color that is worn as the top.
  • Big handbags – From a book to a phone charger, cosmetics to shades this printed or colorful cove harbors it all.
  • Perfumes – Davidoff’s Cool Water rules my list. A delicious smelling fragrance completes the look.
  • Sunglasses – These are a symbol of style regardless of what may be worn from the neck down. A cool pair of aviators makes me feel stylish and feminine. It adds and aura of self confidence knowing it looks good and feels great!
  • The sexy LBD – I love color but black is eternal. Each woman has that one outfit which makes her feel beautiful – a sari, a dress, well fitting shorts or a skirt or even a smart pantsuit.
  • Footwear – From strappy sandals to pumps, from boots to ballerinas, shoes always fit!
  • Dresses – Nothing feels as wonderfully feminine as donning a beautiful dress. For me it’s the summer variety that I look forward to each season. The beautiful printed colorful dresses which make me feel vibrant and happy.
  • Great Hair Days – I envy women who can fix their hair differently each time they head out – looking as though they just stepped out of a salon. So my new thing this year is to experiment with my hair, or at least to try!

As much as we are exposed to or influenced by fashion trends, and the inflow of images and information which can be truly exhausting at times, it is best to follow one’s own path. The idea it that no matter what we wear we feel like ourselves, that it’s our individual personality that shines through. Smile back at your reflection – you are beautiful!



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